Black Widow's Life on the Run

Catherine Suh was living as Tiffini Escada in Honolulu, Hawaii when she was on the run. It didn't take her long to find a cute boyfriend either. His name was Kelmer Kelly Beck. He met her while she was talking on the phone to a friend. She looked at him and he knew that she wanted him. He wanted her too. Beck was impressed with her from the start. She introduced herself as Tiffini, and she told him that she was president of a large company that her family owned. Just by looking at her he could tell that she loved expensive things. Beck found her to be a very interesting and alluring woman who had a very refined taste for expensive jewelry and gourmet food.

When he was later interviewed he said he felt that he was lucky to be alive. He had no idea that she was a murdering Black widow. She left him high and dry when she saw her case being featured on television. She left her Kakaako condo immediately. She was arrested in Honolulu in March of 1996 by the FBI. She was in a local YWCA at the time. Police located her when a friend, David Knoerr, turned her in to authorities when Catherine called him.