Bad to the Bone True Story

Bad to the Bone is a 1997 movie based on the case of Andrew and Catherine Suh. The names and the races were changed for the movie.

Here another interesting story that is true

Black Widow's Life on the Run

Catherine Suh was living as Tiffini Escada in Honolulu, Hawaii when she was on the run. It didn't take her long to find a cute boyfriend either. His name was Kelmer Kelly Beck. He met her while she was talking on the phone to a friend. She looked at him and he knew that she wanted him. He wanted her too. Beck was impressed with her from the start. She introduced herself as Tiffini, and she told him that she was president of a large company that her family owned. Just by looking at her he could tell that she loved expensive things. Beck found her to be a very interesting and alluring woman who had a very refined taste for expensive jewelry and gourmet food.

When he was later interviewed he said he felt that he was lucky to be alive. He had no idea that she was a murdering Black widow. She left him high and dry when she saw her case being featured on television. She left her Kakaako condo immediately. She was arrested in Honolulu in March of 1996 by the FBI. She was in a local YWCA at the time. Police located her when a friend, David Knoerr, turned her in to authorities when Catherine called him.

Is Catherine Suh Still Incarcerated?

Yes. Catherine Suh is still in prison. She has had quite a few problems while in prison too. She looks a little bit older here. As of 2012 she is locked up in Dwight Correctional Facility. Still pretty though...Here are a few stats: Catherine Suh was born on May 2, 1969.  She has dark brown hair. She is about 5ft 4 inches tall and weighs 135 pounds. She has brown eyes. She is Asian-Korean.


Races Changed in the Movie

VengenceDemon8March 22, 2012 12:24 PM
This is a sad story. It's one of my favorite Lifetime Movies. The fact that the real people are Asian and they chose to make them white is disturbing. The movie followed the true story. The fatal flaw was changing the ethnicity of the real people. Are they going to choose Brad Pit to play Martin Luther King?

Back then they were changing the races of the people in the movies because they wanted to fit the audience. The movie's audiences during the time period this movie was made would not have been interested in a Korean story. Lifetime, within the past few years, has only started to feature ethnic stories.

Victim Robert O'Dubaine

The boyfriend: Robert O'Dubaine.

He was living with his live in girlfriend Catherine Suh and her 19 year old brother Andrew Suh at 1600 block of North Hermitage in Evansville, Illinois.

Elizabeth Suh's Death

Elizabeth Suh was 55 year old when she was stabbed in her establishment Campus Cleaners. The dry cleaners was located at 519 Dempster in Evansville, Illinois. The crime occurred around 9 am. When police arrived they found her lying next to her purse and a trash bin.

Bad to the Bone is based on Andrew and Catherine Suh

 The real story happened back in the early nineties, . The case captured the media's attention because it was unsual to hear of a sister who convinced her brother to kill her boyfriend. That is exactly what Catherine Sush did. She was also suspected of killing her mother too. She let her brother take the fall while she lived a life on the run, but she was eventually captured in Hawaii in 1996  after she was featured on America's Most Wanted. Her brother Andrew Suh loved his sister deeply. He was willing to do anything for her. According to Suh he was very loyal to his sister Catherine which is why th tragic events occurred.

Family Background
His parents came here to seek a better life for their family. They were devout Catholics with a strong traditional Korean lifestyle. His family immigrated here when he was just two years old, but he spoke fluent Korean growing up. When he was a little boy his father died of stomach cancer, and a few years later in 1987 his mother was murdered in the dry cleaning establishment she owned. She suffered 35 stab wounds. After his parents death he felt totally dependent on Catherine. She stepped right in to that guardian role and took good care of Andrew. She inherited a lot of money after the police could not prove that she was guilty in her mother's death. With that money she was able to take care of herself and her brother. She also funded her 25 year old boyfriends club. Her boyfriend also helped to take care of Andrew. At the age of 13 it was the only family Andrew had, so he concentrated on his studies.  Andrew Suh was a smart kid growing up. His sister and her boyfriend attended PTA meetings and did everything possible to be supportive of his studies. Andrew Suh eventually went on to attend college where he was an honors student.

Catherine Suh's Background

Catherine was rebellious. Witnesses say that she constantly fought with her mother after her father died. She was suspected in the murder of her mother.

The Crime
Catherine told her brother that it was her boyfriend that had killed their mother. Andrew Suh was angry and shocked. It was then that Catherine was able to completely manipulate her brother to kill her boyfriend Robert O'Dubaine. On September 25, 1993, Andrew Suh waited for his sister's boyfriend, Robert O'Dubaine to arrive. When O'Dubaine arrived he was shot and killed in the garage. Andrew Suh was charged with first-degree murder. He was sentenced to 100 years in prison. His sister was charged with conspiracy to commit murder. She was convicted in absentia and sentenced to life in prison.